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PCR-test for travel

Covid-test & medical certificate for travel

We at Hedda Care offer a wide range of specialized medical services including tests for Covid-19.

Medical certificate for travel

Many countries require a valid and recent medical certificate that ensures that you do not have any ongoing infection when arriving.

We perform PCR-tests that can detect ongoing infections. We also issue certificates in English signed by our medical doctors to confirm the test result regarding SARS 2 Covid-19.

Online booking

The fastest and easiest way to book a time for taking the test is via our online booking.

How does it work?

  1. Choose what clinic that you wish to visit; Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo
  2. Choose the suitable date and time for the test
  3. Test result is sent to you via e-mail in the evening the day after you have taken the test (weekdays).

    Example: your test is taken on Monday => you receive the test result on Tuesday evening.

What does it cost?

The cost of the PCR-test is 2 240 SEK, which includes a medical certificate in english signed and stamped by our medical doctor.

Antibody-tests, to detect if you have had the infection and built antibodies, can also provided at a price of 790 SEK.

Companies or larger groups

If you are a larger group or a company that would need help with testing, we are able to assist you either in our facilities or that our mobile medical team visits you, i.e at your place of work.

Please contact us for further info at covid19@heddacare.se

Frequently asked questions

For further questions please read our FAQ:


Contact us

Our medical clinics for Covid-19 are to be found here;

  • Stockholm, Östermalmstorg 1, (C/O Regus) Stockholm
  • Gothenburg, Östra Hamngatan 17, (C/O Regus), Gothenburg
  • Malmo, Skeppsgatan 19, (C/O World Trade Center) Malmo

If you have further questions, we are primarily available via email.



* Please note that Hedda Care only performs a service that includes performing a test and presenting a test result, which we offer on the request of our customers. We have no responsibility for changes or regulations from foreign countries and/or travel operators in response to Covid-19. The individual being tested is responsible for making sure that the required information is included in the certificate, concerning the specific country.